More Evidence That Samsung Excluded From Apple A7 Chip Development, TSMC Tapped Instead

The divorce between Apple and Samsung was written on the wall when the former first attacked the latter with a lawsuit, but the actual split has been gradual. Apple has relied heavily on Samsung components for its displays and mobile processors, but as we’ve heard a few times before, Samsung is not participating in the development of Apple’s upcoming A6X and A7 chips.

The latest news on that front is that Apple has tapped TSMC to replace Samsung in developing the A7 chip (images leaked here), reports the Korea Times. The outlet quoted a Samsung partner executive as saying, “TSMC has begun ordering its contractors to supply equipment to produce Apple’s next processors using a finer 20-nanometer level processing technology.” This jibes with rumors from last summer and fall that TSMC would develop an entire fab dedicated to Apple products.

TSMC Headquarters

Losing Apple will certainly negatively impact Samsung’s bottom line and could force the company to shut down some chip manufacturing lines, but another KT source indicated that Samsung will ramp up production of chips for NVIDIA to make up some of that lost ground. Of course, Samsung also has a sizable and popular fleet of mobile devices running versions of its own Exynos SoC, too.