More Companies Programming For OS X

It seems a given that the upcoming Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will place a heavy emphasis on the next iteration of OS X, "Leopard", and of course we can expect to hear a lot about the iPhone as well.  What many people might not have been expecting is that Apple plans on hosting a lot more workshop sessions, many of which are aiming to help first time OS X developers.  Apparently the '06 WWDC saw a lot of fresh developer faces, some from open-source backgrounds but many from closed-source developers.  Who knows if any of these companies will rise to become a key player on OS X, but giving them the tools and workshops that they need to make the transition will certainly benefit the community as a whole.
"Most expect the next version of Apple's operating system to take center stage at the San Francisco event, a fact already reflected in the company's promo banners around the Moscone Center. But the Mac maker this year will be reaching out to some new audiences, including those who have never written code for the Mac.

Apple's attention in recent years has largely stuck to its base of loyal developers, and typically only sees outsiders who are new to development or are used to writing for Linux and other open development platforms. During WWDC 2006, however, the company noticed that roughly a third of its entire conference audience consisted of first-time developers coming from closed-source backgrounds -- a pleasant surprise, according to Apple's Worldwide Developer Relations head Ron Okamoto."
The other major area that Apple is expected to focus on is online media, but most specifically audio and video.