Monster Introduces Charging Adapter For International Travelers

Monster is making it a bit easier for international travelers to keep their favorite electronic devices powered up while traveling abroad. As the newest product in the popular Outlets To Go family, the new Outlets To Go USB Worldwide features a universal adaptor that lets travelers charge their electronics devices by plugging into any international outlet.

The Outlets To Go USB Worldwide features a dual-side design with three ultra-wide spaced outlets for easy charging of several devices at once. There’s also a quick-charging, high power USB port for charging any USB accessory. Recognizing that the product must fit easily into a carry-on bag or laptop case, Monster has designed the Outlets To Go USB Worldwide with a compact design and a FlatWrap cord management feature.

“Most travelers these days have experienced the frustration of being in a hotel and not having enough [outlets] to charge and utilize computers and other devices. This can be especially troubling for business travelers and students abroad. With our new Outlets To Go USB Worldwide, you can always be assured that your important devices will stay powered up. Our Outlets To Go products have also proven very popular at airports. You’d be surprised how fast you make friends while waiting in a terminal equipped with an extra outlet and charger!” noted Head Monster Noel Lee.

The Monster Outlets To Go USB Worldwide is available black for a suggested retail price of $39.99.