Money Doesn't Grow on Trees. But Apples Do

Apple's newest advertising strategy alleges that Macs are superior to PCs, in that they'll save users money. The company claims that Mac's aren't only cheap, but that they're also good for business because they are easy to use and are not prone to viruses. Apple has also proven its value as a company, as some analysts expect its stocks to have double by 2010. Ironically, only a few years ago some experts predicted the company's failure. The recent money conscious shift in Apple's advertising strategy is not only meant to increase sales, but also to change the way that the public perceives the company.

There's been a distinct sea change in the way people think about Apple in the last few weeks. Recently, people have been saying the strangest things about Apple and the Mac. Everything is topsy-turvy. Pundits aren't trotting out the old conventional wisdoms any more. They're saying odd stuff, like Macs are good for business; Macs can save money; and that Apple's stock -- at $90 a share -- is a bargain. In fact, there seems to be a widespread re-evaluation of Apple going on, a cultural shift that's changing the way people think about the company. It's been building for a while but it has reached a tipping point in the last couple of months. Here's what people are saying now.
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