Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Video Trailer Brings The Pain, Excitement

It feels like just yesterday that we were picking up our first copy of Call of Duty, and now, we're looking at the latest iteration. A new video has surfaced on YouTube showcasing Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer capabilities. The game itself is just a few months out, and now we're getting a look at what that game will deliver. Needless to say, we suspect that people will be lined up around the block in order to bring this kind of action home as soon as humanly possible.

The developer, Infinity Ward, decided to give CoD fans the world over a taste of what would be coming soon. This title will boast a Hollywood–style production that hasn't been seen, at least to this degree, in versions prior. The multiplayer trailer is decidedly action–packed, in fans of the series will certainly recognize a lot of the gear that is showcased here. The graphics look phenomenal, as predicted, and the trailer doesn't excellent job of making November 11 feel like an eternity away. Have a look at the video yourself, so long as you have a good degree of patience to tap into.