MobiTV Expands Android Offerings

MobiTV is hoping to capitalize on the growing Android market with the expansion of its core live TV and video-on-demand service to more Android-based devices. MobiTV already delivers live and video-on-demand programming to the Android-based Sprint EVO 4G and HTC Hero, as well as the Motorola Backflip from AT&T. MobiTV's availability will expand even further when the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant becomes available on July 21.

MobiTV was initially introduced to the Android platform with the NBA League Pass Mobile app. Since then, MobiTV has seen increased usage from Android-based devices as the OS continues to gain popularity. According to research firm Gartner, Android held 9.6 percent of the smartphone market share in the first quarter of 2010. When compared to 1.6 percent a year earlier, it's clear Android is quickly gaining market share.

"As the Android platform continues to grow in popularity and availability, MobiTV believes it will play a strong role in the adoption of mobile media," said Charlie Nooney, CEO of MobiTV, Inc. "With more Android devices being rolled out in the coming months, MobiTV has identified the platform as a strategic element in our goal to deliver live and on-demand programming to the widest possible consumer base."

In addition to the increasing popularity of Android, MobiTV has noted that MobiTV viewers on the Android platform watch 23 percent more minutes per active viewer than all other mobile operating platforms. MobiTV has more than 10 million subscribers.