Mobility X1800 ETA?

Fudo reports that a mobile variant of his namesake R520 "Fudo" core should be showing up in the retail channel in the very near future. Armed with sixteen pipelines and some power saving features that were implemented from the core's initial design, ATI could very well have a homerun with their latest mobile core.

This chip features sixteen pipelines and it will be powered with ATI's upcoming Avivo marchitecture. We learned that the R520 "Fudo" development team has already implemented power saving marchitecture, so this time ATI was able to make its mobile chip much faster. The chip features 256 Mbit ring memory marchitecture and supports Shader Model 3.0. However, we are not sure about heat dissipation, as the desktop R520 gets rather warm, but we are sure that companies such as Dell, Alienware and Voodoo PC are going to embrace this chip for their new notebook designs.
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