Mobile Gaming Occurs Mostly at Home and Frequently in Bed, Says Survey

Telling your friends that you’ve “been having a lot of fun in the bedroom” no longer carries that special connotation; according to a recent survey by MocoSpace, 53% of mobile gamers opt to play in bed more often than any other room in the house.

Even more notable (though slightly less entertaining as a news post lead-in) is that a whopping 96% of mobile gamers play at home. That’s not to say that they never play on the go--83% play while waiting for appointments, and 72% during their commute (we hope not while driving)--but almost every single mobile gamer plays at home.

Here are some wacky findings, though: 64% play at work (ha) and also while out with friends (what?), and 46% play mobile games while in class (for shame!).

The study also found that these aren’t just quick affairs, with over half of respondents indicating that they play for more than an hour per day, and 32% playing for more than three hours daily.

In a press release, MocoSpace co-founder and CEO Justin Siegel said, "This report should make every console gaming company nervous. Mobile gaming is not a companion to consoles, but rather it’s attacking them on their home turf: the couch, the La-Z-Boy and even the bedroom.”