Mobile And Internet TV On The Rise, But Cable Not Leaving Anytime Soon

If you've been led to believe that Mobile TV and Web-based programming aren't going anywhere fast, you've been lied to. If you've been led to believe that traditional TV viewing is rapidly declining, we'd also say that you're off in the wrong direction. A new report stemming from Horowitz Associates' annual Broadband Content and Services (BCS) survey has dug up some interesting conclusions about how people of today consume television content, and it definitely sheds light on both sides of argument.

On one hand, the fact that four in ten of those surveyed watch broadband or mobile TV at least once monthly speaks volumes about the power of new content channels. 40% of people admit to watching a non-traditional media portal at least once per month. Considering that around only 65% of America has broadband, that's really impressive. On the other hand, 60% still only watch TV the "normal" way, which means we have a long way to go before people really start canceling their cable subscriptions with any sense of urgency.

It's important to note that this was an Internet survey, so it's highly likely that Internet users would watch more Internet TV. That said, the figures are super interesting. A whopping 82% of those aged 15-17 admitted to watching online or mobile TV at least once monthly, and on handheld devices alone, half (48%) of online young people surveyed report watching TV content at least monthly, doubling from 24% last year.

According to the Horowitz study, of all the hours Internet users say they spend watching TV programs,  about 4% of TV time is on a platform other than a TV set — 2% on a PC/laptop and 2% on a handheld — with the vast majority (96%) still consumed via the traditional television platform. "It's important to keep in perspective that when all is said and done, consumers are still spending only a very small amount of their total TV time on alternative platforms," notes Adriana Waterston, VP of Marketing for the research firm. "But, we anticipate that multiplatform TV viewing will continue to grow — especially among young people — as the technology improves towards a more authentic and convenient TV experience, and with programmers and aggregators actively promoting themselves on these platforms."

Have your viewing habits changed now that Hulu, Boxee and all of the other Web-based choices have made themselves known? Are you still a traditional sofa surfer?