Mobee's Magic Charger Inductively Charges Apple's Magic Mouse

We aren't quite living in a world where cords have no place, and while companies like PowerMat are hoping to change that, inductive charging is still in its infancy. But if you're an owner of an Apple Magic Mouse, inductive charging is coming to you. The Magic Mouse, which has a multi-touch surface, has one main issue: the battery life is subpar. Many owners have complained that they have to replace the AA batteries within it far more often than they did with the Mighty Mouse.

But Mobee Technology is taking advantage of that disappointment by creating the Magic Charger. It's an inductive charging, USB-connected base station and battery pack that keeps your Magic Mouse charged so long as you place it on top of the base when you aren't using it. It's a beautifully designed device, and it could easily be mistaken for a first-party Apple accessory at a glance.

The Magic Charger comes with a special battery pack that you slide into the Magic Mouse, and when the mouse comes into contact with the base, a light turns on to let you know that power is being transferred without wires. A full charge takes 6 hours and should provide around 6 days of use, and reports have the price at around $50. Shipments are expected in October.