Mitsubishi Pulls Plug On LCD TV Business, Focuses On Larger DLP Sets

Is this the start of a wild and unforeseen trend? Things in the television world tend to follow a pretty distinct path; when one company began to phase out CRT tube displays, it didn't take long before others did the same. Before long, LCDs were not only all of the rage, but the only option on store shelves. Same with 3D. Just a few years ago, 2D TVs ruled the shelves; after Sony and a couple of others began to seriously push 3D panels, the rest of the major TV companies began to follow suit. Now, it's tough to find a television that's not at least 3D-ready.

Is the LCD HDTV the next to go, or is Mitsubishi simply operating on their own here? The company has just published a press release that makes official a company downsizing. The segment that is being downsized is the TV segment, with a number of offices closing up and the LCD TV business being aborted entirely. The plan seems to be a tighter focus on DLP and LaserVue TVs, particularly on sizes 73" or higher. The company plans to continue selling projectors, display walls, printers and large outdoor displays, but it'll leave the highly competitive LCD business to the others.

It may actually be a smart move. In business, there often comes a time where there are simply too many rivals trying to do the same thing. One of two things usually happens; market consolidation via acquisitions, or market shrinkage by companies dropping out of the race. Mitsubishi seems to be focusing their efforts on a niche market where they already dominate, rather than trying to compete with Sharp, LG, Sony and loads of other companies that are already having great success in the mainstream LCD market. Time will tell if any other LCD maker decides to follow suit and pull the plug, but we wouldn't be surprised given the heightened level of competition out there.
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