Miss America Launches Her Own Browser

There it is, Miss America's browser ... Lauren Nelson made children's Internet security her main issue during the most recent pageant because of a disturbing online encounter she and her friends had as 13-year-olds.  Now a kid-safe browser bearing her name will launch.

The Miss America Kid-Safe Web Browser is to debut on Thursday. The free download includes blocking mechanisms that have existed for years. But it also features an animated Nelson who walks kids through their online experience, advising them about Internet safety and spouting random trivia: "There are twice as many kangaroos as people in Australia!"

She'll read their e-mail out loud and can be programmed by Mom or Dad to remind children to do their homework, feed the fish or clean their room.

We were kidding, but apparently when a surfing session begins, the theme song "There she is, Miss America" plays as an animated version of Nelson walks forward on the screen in a gown.  Safety is one thing, but please.

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