Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Coming July 29

It appears that Microsoft hasn't just been putting in overtime to make sure Windows 10 gets out the door in time, it's also been ardently working on a special version of Minecraft to also launch on July 29.

It's important to note that this isn't an update to the Java-based Minecraft; instead, this will be the version found inside the Windows 10 store, and will be meant to be played full-screen. This would make it suitable for tablet or notebook use - most hardcore players are likely to stick to the full-blown release.


Microsoft draws comparisons to the "Pocket Edition" of the game, laying out these features:

  • Craft, create, and explore online with up to seven friends playing Windows 10 Edition Beta, through local multiplayer or with your Xbox Live friends online.
  • Play online and local multiplayer with other Pocket Edition players thanks to a free update, due to arrive soon after launch.
  • Multiple control schemes! Switch between controller, touch, and keyboard controls with little to no effort!
  • Record and share gameplay highlights with built-in GameDVR.
  • Help shape the future of Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta with our built player feedback mechanisms!
  • Chickens, zombies, pigs, boats, armed skeletons, potatoes, zombies, baby squids, enchantment tables, villagers, naked sheep, iron golems, potions, ghasts, pickaxes, carrots, and all the weird and wonderful goodness you’ve come to expect from Minecraft.

If you own the game on the PC already, you'll be able to get this special edition for free; otherwise, it'll cost a discounted $10 during its "beta" phase, with the price likely to nearly double afterwards. Suffice to say, if you want the game, you won't want to delay too long after its launch.