Minecraft Developer Mojang Releases New Free Strategy Game ‘Crown And Council’ On Steam

It's not too often that we see a game developer release a new title at the same time it's announced, but we're seeing that this week with Mojang's Crown & Council. On its blog, the Minecraft creator tells us that C&C was developed by a single member of the team, Henrik Pettersson, and as it's completely free.

In its description, Crown & Council doesn't sound that different from a Sid Meier's Civilization title. With each new game, you start out small then decide whether you want to build a huge army right from the get-go, or try to survive long enough to train some brainiacs at the university to help you craft some even more debilitating weapons.

Crown and Council 01

Your ultimate goal in this game is to conquer the world; there is no trying for a science or cultural victory. Instead, you have to treat the entire world as if it's against you, because in this game, it is. If you do things right, you might just be greeted to a screen like the one below:

Crown and Council 02

Mojang has chosen Steam as the launching platform for Crown & Council, and so far, the reactions are mixed. Some are calling the game a great one for some casual gameplay, while others curse the heavy use of totally random variables. One user even wrote, "Random Number Generator hell. Don't even." Another sums it up perfectly though by saying that, "If you don't like it, you won't pay anything for it anyways."

If you at all enjoy these types of games, you really have no excuse to not give give this one a quick go.

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