Mimo 720-S USB Monitor Adds Touchscreen Functionality

We're not sure we agree with introduction two similar products to close to one another from a business standpoint, but from the consumers' eye, there's nothing better to really expand your field of options. Nanovision has just unleashed its newest secondary display not even a month after debuting the Mimo 710-S. This one, labeled the 720-S, is practically the same USB monitor as the 710-S, but the standout difference is the touch panel within.

Rather than giving users a screen they can only peer at, the 720-S adds touch capabilities to give owners a good reason to add oodles of fingerprints to the display. The so-called "Touchscreen Slider" monitor is completely USB powered, weighs under a pound, folds up for easy transport and sports an 800x480 resolution panel. There's also the option of tilting up to 90 degrees for a better view, with the entire thing measuring just 7" x 5 3/8" x 1". Nanovision claims that the screen works fine with Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS X, but Windows 7 drivers have yet to be announced.

If you're interesting in adding a little (and we mean little) screen real estate to your setup, but don't feel like dealing with another massive monitor, the Mimo 720-S can be ordered today for $229.99 + shipping.