Mimo 710-S "Mobile Slider" Secondary Display Slides Flat

We just took a look at Nanovision's Mimo 7" USB powered LCD monitor back in April, and already the outfit is preparing to ship their next generation version. For those out of the loop, these so-called Mimo monitors act as secondary displays and get their signal/power via USB. In theory, at least, users that have ran out of room on their main display can simply plug one of these in and have their music player, widgets, chat windows and other small applets running over on the side. Obviously, the display is a touch on the small side for typing up a Word document, but for small apps, it's perfect.

The 710-S "Mobile Slider" is the outfit's latest, which builds on the already popular 710 but makes it entirely more travel-friendly. Essentially, the mini screen has the same features as the 710, but it has been completely redesigned into a sleeker, foldable and more portable unit. The integrated stand protects the screen from scratches when closed, and the ability to slide shut makes it easy to carry along in a suitcase. Nanovision isn't exactly marketing this as the notebook owner's Mimo, but it's definitely suitable for on-the-go usage. Imagine showing up to your hotel room, pulling out your notebook, and then pulling out an extra 7" of screen space to work on for the week. Who couldn't get into that?

As for device specifications, we're looking at a 7" screen, an 800 x 480 resolution, 350 cd/m2 brightness, 400:1 contrast ratio, USB 2.0 socket and a pivoting/sliding stand. It ships with drivers for Windows XP, XP 64-bit, Vista, Vista 64-bit, and Mac drivers can be downloaded from the company's support page. You can pre-order the unit now for $149.99, with initial shipments expected to go out on August 15th.