Millions of iPhone 3G Power Adapters Recalled

Another day, another iPhone 3G "oops."  Apple has just recently released the 2.1 software upgrade for the iPhone 3G, which seems to have fixed many of the issues with the device's 3G performance.  While it dodged a bullet in terms of recalling millions of phones, it still has to make a major recall: millions of the small, square-shaped power adapters shipped with the phones.

As Apple said on the recall website:

Apple has determined that under certain conditions the new ultracompact Apple USB power adapter's metal prongs can break off and remain in a power outlet, creating a risk of electric shock.  We have received reports of detached blades involving a very small percentage of the adapters sold, but no injuries have been reported.

Interestingly, Apple calls it (in a nice bit of spin) an exchange program, rather than a recall.  But let's call it what it is: a recall.  The replacement adapters will have a green dot (as shown) and will be available Oct. 10th at Apple stores.  Alternatively, you can order a replacement from the recall website.

If you order on the site, you will need your iPhone 3Gs serial number, which can be found in two ways:
  • Connect to iTunes and you'll see it on the Summary page.
  • Or look on the iPhone and tap Settings>General>About. The serial number is the ninth item on the list.
The recall is "contained" to North America, Latin America, and Japan.