MightyText Pushes Android Texts/Calls To Chrome Browser

Here's a great concept: integrate messaging services that are on your phone, with your PC. That way, whenever a message comes to your phone while you're on your PC, well, you'll be able to reply without having to reach down and mess with your handset. MightyText is enabling that kind of functionality with Android phones, by sending both texts and phone calls right to your browser. This enables you to not even be near your phone; so long as you're logged in with a browser, you can receive texts/calls. Not a bad idea!

The program basically pushes texts and calls from your Android phone to the monitor, and the company's off to a pretty successful start. They have pushed over 18 million SMS messages, and the beta has only been live for two months. Soon, it'll even give users access to older archived texts. There's no mention of the program coming to any other mobile platform, but it's likely that they are just using Android as a launchpad and hoping to iron things out on that front first. By the way, the service is free to use, at least for now, but requires a phone with Android 2.2 or higher as well as Chrome. If you're okay with those limits, the Via below is where you need to be.