MightyText Enables Texting From Android... Through Your Browser

There's iMessage for iOS and Mac users, and there's BBM for BlackBerry users. What about Android, you say? Well, for those users, there's MightyText. The company actually began as Texty, and has been in a Chrome beta state for the past few months. Now, however, they're launching to the world, and including support for pretty much all major browsers. Here's how it works: you install the MightyText app on your Android 2.2+ phone, and then you visit the company's website to install the plug-in for your browser. Once you sync the two up, you can then use any web browser to send and receive text messages, through your Android phone number.

So, in a way, it's an easy way to reply and create text messages from your computer. But since it uses your phone for the final send, you'll still need to be in a service area, as it uses SMS instead of data (as with iMessage). With iMessage, if you're iMessaging another user, you can send messages from Mac-to-iPhone on any Wi-Fi connection. Sadly, you'll be using up SMS allocation using MightyText. But hey, it's way more wide open, and works with any recipient that can accept text messages. Both the app and the plug-in are free, and available today.
Tags:  Android, SMS, Web, text, mightytext