Microsoft's Xbox Originals To Rival Amazon and Netflix in New Programming Effort

For years, many thought that pay-TV companies could continue to do as they pleased, knowing full well that if they never offered their programming online, people would have no choice but to continue to pay ruthless prices for content. Now, we're starting to see exactly how the disruption is going to happen. With Netflix and Amazon already investing millions in their own original content slates, Microsoft is joining the fray this week with Xbox Originals.

These programs will reportedly include "documentaries, cartoons, reality shows, and scripted dramas and comedies," and will be developed in-house at Xbox Entertainment Studios. Interestingly, the team is going after a very specific niche: the kinds of people who'd buy an Xbox One in the first place. Nancy Tellem, president of Xbox Entertainment Studios, said the following about the upcoming launch: "We’re really focused on the fans of the Xbox, the millennials …many of whom are not subscribing to cable, and use a console as their entertainment device."

In other words, don't expect to see shows for the masses, but expect above-par quality, as the shows will be labeled as a premium service. At present, over a dozen shows are in production, but there's no set time as to when Xbox owners can expect to view them. Either way, it's becoming clearer how up-and-coming home buyers will receive entertainment, and cable should seriously be worried.