Microsoft's Vision Of The Future Includes Bendable Displays, Holograms And 3D Printers

Need a pick-me-up? Give Microsoft six minutes to show you its vision of the future. Bendable, paper-like displays, scuba masks with hologram technology, and some very cool 3D printing applications are just a few of the technologies that will get your creative juices flowing.

Microsoft is teasing some cool new technology in its future-looking video

Most of the tech that appears in the Productivity Future Vision won’t be ready for primetime soon. Microsoft indicates that this is a look at what’s possible five to 10 years from now, based on technologies that are being worked on at present. Still, they’re worth checking out.

If Microsoft has its way, it looks like holograms will be a big part of work life. Holograms are featured prominently in the video, appearing on coffee tables, turning walls into high-tech workspaces, and putting people into offices far away, à la Star Wars: A New Hope.

Check out that paper on the table. It's a multi touch display on both sides, and it's flexible.

One of the most interesting devices in the video is the bendable display. Marine biologist “Kat” brings the device to a café and places it on the table so that it looks like a magazine. We quickly see that both sides of the display are touch-sensitive and capable of displaying video. Kat is eventually hired by “Lola,” who uses a variety of tablets to locate Kat as her top choice and send a job offer, which Kat receives on a bracelet. With an earpiece and the bracelet in hand, she’s able to research the company a table-sized display.

These sorts of videos are meant to give Microsoft’s enterprise partners a taste of what’s possible and, of course, impress. If you have checked it out, the video is, at the very least, a fun watch.