Microsoft's #timetoswitch Trade-Up Program Offers $200 For Old iPhones

Rumblings earlier this week suggested Microsoft was going to make a full court press on Apple, offering a buy-back incentive program for old iPhone users to trade-up for a new Windows Phone 8 device. The move makes sense.  Lots of iPhone users were probably disappointed with Apple's recent iPhone 5S and 5C unveiling, wishing instead the Cupertino company had simply increased the display size of the device. Apple's performance play is enticing for power users but mainstream iPhoners jonesing over their friend's significantly larger Android and Windows Phone devices, like the Samsung Galaxy S4 or Nokia Lumia 1020, may have been left a little flat. A 64-bit platform sounds just kinda cool for those not in the know but hey now, that 4.7 - 5-inch display sure is pretty.

Nokia Lumia 1020 - Microsoft  iPhone Trade-In Program

Of all competitors in the smartphone arena, perhaps Microsoft is in a position to capitalize on prospective smartphone consumers looking for a little more glitz and bling, versus some whiz-bang technology they don't know much about. And let's see, I know Windows. I used that at work and used the operating system at home, before I picked up my sweet MacBook Air. Ouch. Don't hate the playa, as they say; Apple has done a masterful job of cultivating a user base that cares about the visual experience first and now maybe it's coming back to haunt them?  Microsoft seems to be keying on that.

Microsoft Windows Phone, iPhone Trade-Up Deal

Good ol' MSFT has bellied up to the bar with a MINIMUM $200 gift card for those iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 users out there that might want to consider trading-in their coveted Apple device for a new Windows Phone 8 handset.  The offer expires November 3, 2013, which gives consumers a solid month to ponder the decision.  Live Tiles are kind of neat. Oh look, it has Facebook too. Wait, where's Gmail? There it is! A 41MP camera?  Forty-one megapixels?  Maybe I could rock this thing.