Microsoft's Natural User Interface Lets Your Body Do The Talking

Microsoft's research labs have been known to create some pretty wild projects. Granted, not all of them have hit the market or anything, but there's a good chance that something huge down the road will spring up. Project Natal is already proof that Redmond has quite a few out-of-the-box thinkers on staff, and while we can't say it with any real degree of certainty, we're guessing that this stuff is what techie dreams are made of.

During the company's College Tour 2009, Microsoft showed off what it's describing as a "mindblowing natural user interface." In essence, this is really just a supercomputer with loads of intellect.

Microsoft Chief Research & Strategy Officer, Craig Mundie, demonstrating natural user interface
(Credit:  Microsoft)

According to the R&D gurus in Redmond, Washington, this is a next-gen computer that "docks and undocks from a transparent glass display and allows for not only pen and voice input as you’d come to expect from natural user interfaces, but also incorporates touchless gestures and eye-tracking to interact with the information at hand."

As you'd expect, the demo relies heavily on eye-tracking for the "wow factor," and everything is still definitely in the prototype stage. Just check out the video below to see for yourself.