Microsoft's Mobile Mouse 4000 For Netbook Users

This certainly isn't the first we've heard of Microsoft's BlueTrack technology, and if the pace at which it keeps introducing new BlueTrack wares is any indication, we'd surmise that it's far from the last. With the netbook sector booming (and the outlook being bright), Microsoft has decided to market its latest miniature mouse as one that is perfect for netbook -- not just notebook -- users. The Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 is a BlueTrack-enabled device, which means that it can operate on practically any surface -- way more than current mice based on normal laser and optical technologies.

Microsoft asserts that it can get traction on surfaces such as granite, marble, carpet and unfinished wood, the latter of which astounds us the most. The unit is priced at under $40, which honestly sounds a bit steep considering that most netbooks can be had for under $300. A $40 accessory for a $300 machine? At least it'll work on your hairy legs, greasy airport armrest and neighbor's floor, right? The mouse connects to PCs via a tiny transceiver that plugs discretely into one's USB port, and if you wish, you can leave said dongle plugged right in. It's set to ship in August in teal blue, berry pink, lime green, graphite and white for $39.99.