Microsoft's Latest Windows 10 1903 Bug Fix Just Broke Start Menu Search And More

While we're not yet ready to call the Windows 10 May 2019 Update (version 1903) as big a disaster as the October 2018 Update, it has been riddled with a number of mind-numbing bugs. One of the prominent bugs reared its ugly head late last month, and caused CPU usage to spike, and it was traced down to an issue with Cortana and SearchUI.exe.

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In response, Microsoft issued KB4515384 during Patch Tuesday on September 10th, which was supposed to fix the problem. Microsoft noted in the patch notes:

Addresses an issue that causes high CPU usage from SearchUI.exe for a small number of users. This issue only occurs on devices that have disabled searching the web using Windows Desktop Search.

Now, however, we're learning that KB4515384 is actually causing even more problems for Windows 10 users. The update has broken both the Start Menu search and Windows Search for some. Users are reporting that they are seeing one of two error messages when trying to perform a search according to Windows Latest:

  • We’ll try to fix it the next time you sign in.
  • Critical Error – Your Start menu isn’t working.

Instead of receiving search results, Windows 10 users are instead greeted with a blank screen for their troubles. 

As if the search issues weren't enough, some users are reporting borked audio, USB connectivity woes, and problems with the Action Center. "[Start] Menu start stopped working with critical error and sign out demand," wrote Krzysztof Nikołajczuk on the Microsoft Answers Forum. "After uninstall latest CU problem with start menu was solved but action center won't open now. Windows 10 especially 1903 is the most bugged OS ever. I suggest stay at 18362.295 as long as possible or until all flaws will be finally fixed."

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"It breaks more than action center... left click on calendar, left click on the volume icon, left click on the internet access icon... all of them fail to respond," added DP_123. "Seriously, what a sincerely poor job on these updates."

For its part, Microsoft has acknowledged the problem with Windows 10 1903 and has issued the following response: “Microsoft has received reports that some users are having issues related to the Start menu and Windows Desktop Search. We are presently investigating and will provide an update when more information is available."

There is currently no ETA on the fix for the fix.