Oh Great, Microsoft's Important Windows 10 Update Might Be Causing Some PCs To Crash

Broken Windows
Due to the inclusion of some important security patches, it is in your best interest to apply Microsoft's latest Patch Tuesday update as soon as possible. At the same time, some users have reported issues getting it to install, while others are blaming the update for borking their PC, saying it is causing random restarts. Oh boy!

This is why automatic updates are both a blessing and a curse. Some people prefer to wait a bit before patching Windows with the latest security updates, for this very reason—this is certainly not the first time a Patch Tuesday roll out has seemingly caused problems. What makes this tricky, however, is Microsoft's recent disclosure of four new wormable exploits similar in style to BlueKeep.

"It is important that affected systems are patched as quickly as possible because of the elevated risks associated with wormable vulnerabilities like these, and downloads for these can be found in the Microsoft Security Update Guide. Customers who have automatic updates enabled are automatically protected by these fixes," Microsoft stated.

Fine and dandy, except there are several complaints on Reddit and Microsoft's own community forums of issues with the latest update. Users report seeing various error codes (0x800f0928, 0xe0000100, and 0x80073701) when attempting to install KB4512508. Fortunately, this particular patch only mitigates an issue with HoloLens, albeit it is labeled as "critical."

In addition to installation failures, some users say the Patch Tuesday roll out is causing random restarts.

"Screen goes black, PC shuts down. PC restarts, and goes straight to Desktop. As though it were just restarting normally, were it not for the fact that it doesn't wait for programs to close before doing so. I don't have a login or anything, and it doesn't go to BIOS either. There's no way to diagnose this as it is completely sudden and without warning. 100 percent a problem caused by a recent Windows patch," one user wrote.

Fortunately, the restart issue does not seem to be widespread, though that comes as little consolation to those who are affected.