Microsoft's Cross-Platform Crusade Delivers Office Preview For Android Phones

Android phone owners can download Office for Android today. The office suite is still in preview form, but if you’re itching to give the apps a try and have backup for your important data, there’s no reason not to join the Microsoft Office for Android program and fire them up on your phone. 

If you’re feeling some déjà vu, that’s because Microsoft released its Office suite for Android tablets 
back in January. Since then, as Microsoft is quick to point out, the apps have received four stars in Google Play Store. The apps that are now available (in Preview form) for your Android phone include Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

Microsoft finally released Office for Android phones, months after its Android for tablets apps became available.

To sign up, head over to the Office for Android page on Google+. If you’re already a community member, you can click one of the Preview links to get things rolling. If not, you’ll need to click the Join community button and sign up before you proceed. The apps are free, but because they’re still in preview mode, Microsoft wants feedback to help it improve the apps going forward.

Microsoft has been rolling out update office apps for mobile devices in advance of Windows 10, which is meant to give Microsoft a large presence across all devices. The company has recently released Office for 
Windows PCstablets, and even Apple’s iOS