Microsoft's Competitive Chromebook In Education Threat Leaks, Windows 10 ARM Laptops Arrive Q4

Microsoft May 2nd Event
As we reported last week, Microsoft is holding an event in New York City on May 2nd that will focus primarily on the education sector. Although we don’t expect to hear anything about Surface Pro 5 or Surface Book 2, the company is widely expected to announce new low-cost notebooks running the new Windows 10 Cloud operating system.

Microsoft is targeting these new devices, which we’ll simply call “Cloudbooks” for simplicity’s sake, at Chromebooks running Google’s Chrome OS. If you needed any further confirmation of Microsoft’s intention to take the fight directly to Google, look no further than this leaked internal slide that was obtained by Windows Central:

school wc

As you can see, Microsoft still has some work cut out for it if it truly wishes to topple Google on every performance metric. However, simply getting its foot in the door with schools spoiled by cheap Chromebooks — which often take price and only price into consideration when awarding contracts for new computers — is a big deal for Microsoft.

You’ll also see from the slide that the following recommended specs have been handed down from the folks in Redmond, Washington:

  • Quad-core processor (Celeron or better)
  • 4GB of Memory
  • 32GB of storage for 32-bit Windows, 64GB for 64-bit Windows
  • Battery capacity in excess of 40 Whr
  • eMMC or SSD
  • Optional pen and touch

In other Windows news, Qualcomm recently revealed that the first Windows 10 notebooks running ARM processors like its Snapdragon 835 will arrive during Q4, just in time for the holiday shopping season. Microsoft demonstrated Windows 10 running on Qualcomm Snapdragon hardware late last year and is eager to embrace mobile products that use the smartphone-centric SoCs.

The Snapdragon-powered devices will be available in tablet and notebook form-factors and will have standard cellular connectivity.