Microsoft’s Aging Xbox 360 Supports 2TB HDDs With Latest System Update

Wipe that frown upside down, Xbox 360 owners. Just because much of the focus today in the console category is placed on the Xbox One, that doesn't Microsoft has forgotten about you. In fact, if you're holding firm onto your Xbox 360, Microsoft is getting ready to throw you a bone with support for 2TB hard drives.

This is the result of expanding Microsoft's Preview Program to the Xbox 360. Similar to how it works for Xbox One owners, select members will be able to sign up directly from their Xbox 360 and once registered, will get the jump on the general public when it comes to system updates and/or new and improved features.

Xbox 360 Storage Devices

In this instance, there's an update coming for the Xbox 360 that will enable the use of 2TB hard drives to store data. And in addition to that, after applying the update, the Xbox 360 will no longer reserve space in advance on your hard drive. So, if you're using 16GB of space for your games, that's all the Xbox 360 will consume. Plus you can still use two external drives at the same time.

If you're a Preview Program member, you'll receive the update soon. Otherwise, you'll have to wait until sometime later this year when it rolls out to everyone.

This is a pretty big deal for Xbox 360 owners, especially ones using it as media center in addition to a gaming system. Prior to the update, the Xbox 360 supports just 32GB for external hard drives, so 64GB if connecting two of them. The jump to 2TB (or 4TB if connecting two) is a massive increase in potential storage space.