Microsoft's $149 'Work & Play' Digital Services Bundle Returns For A Limited Time

If you’re heavily invested in Microsoft’s cloud services ecosystem, you’ll be glad to hear that the company’s popular Work & Play Bundle has returned once again to the Microsoft Store. As before, the Work & Play Bundle includes a year’s subscription to Office 365 Home, Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Music Pass, and Skype Unlimited World + WiFi.


Individual pricing for each service (for a year’s subscription) is listed as follows:

At the current price of $149, Microsoft is giving customers a discount of $264.77 versus buying each service individually. That’s a mighty fine deal if you ask me, and is really worth it if you plan on heavily using all four services. Heck, even if you only plan on using Office 365 Home and Xbox Music Pass, you’re still making out like a bandit. 


Interestingly, Microsoft says that this is a “Limited time offer, while supplies last.” Given that this is a digital promotion, I don’t really think that Microsoft will have any problem exhausting its “supply” of Work & Play Bundles…