Xbox One Spring Update Testing Begins With 1440p Support And Added Mixer Features

We already know that one of the cool features that are coming in the spring update for the Xbox One is support for 1440p gaming, which is perfect for gamers who have their Xbox One connected to a Quad HD monitor. The spring update that will bring 1440p support is now in testing with Preview Update users.

xbox one hh

With the update in testing, more details on what the update will bring for gamers has also arrived. Microsoft has added in the update an algorithmic "What's Hot" feed for club posts. This is said to make Club posts more like Reddit or Facebook. There is a Top Posts option that shows which are the most popular of all time.

One of the biggest features added in the spring update is the ability for Mixer streamers to share access to a controller with viewers. This can be done via an on-screen gamepad or by connecting their controller to a PC. Another tweak for Mixer users that will be welcomed is that the streamer no longer has to come to a complete stop when changing games or going to the dash, streams can be started at any time.

The Edge browser is tweaked with an improved and more controller-friendly design. Edge on the Xbox One is also now capable of uploading or downloading files. Clubs gains the ability to filter invitation requests by Gamerscore for a certain game and it is now easier to join tournaments.

Three security features will be added intended specifically to make it easier to recover an account that a malicious user takes over. The updates also make it easier to find an account name or update account recovery information from the console.