Microsoft Windows Store Tops 100,000 Windows 8 Apps

Microsoft has reason to celebrate today, as its Windows Store is now filled with over 100,000 Windows 8 apps. It's an important milestone en route to a much larger goal of building out a rich ecosystem, and while it's true Apple and Google have Microsoft beat in the apps department, the Redmond outfit reached the 100,000 mark much faster than the competition.

It took a mere eight months to flesh out the Windows Store with 100,000 apps, versus two years for Google to reach the same goal after opening the Android Market (now called Google Play) and one and a half years for Apple to get there. Not only that, but the Windows Store has doubled the number of apps in just the past three months alone.

Windows Store

The milestone was announced on Twitter by Microsoft's Windows App Builders (@windevs) account. The revealing tweet reads, "Thanks for a great \\build! Just passed 100k apps in the Windows Store."

While Microsoft has to be pleased with the pace of new apps, it's still a long uphill climb to catch up to the competition. Google Play is home to around 700,000 apps, while Apple boasts in the neighborhood of 850,000 iPhone apps and 350,000 iPad apps.