Microsoft’s Updated Windows 10 Privacy Controls Have Been Met With A ‘Positive Reception’

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Back in early April, Microsoft took steps to help appease privacy groups and government regulators with regards to respecting user privacy in Windows 10. The company had come under fire from the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the European Union (among others) for the amount of data that was siphoned from users and sent to Microsoft’s servers.

As a result, Microsoft introduced new features with the Windows 10 Creators Update that were aimed at giving users more granular control of data that is collected. And to be even more transparent, Microsoft even provided “in-product information” which goes into more detail about what each privacy setting does, and how that information is used by the company.

Now that these new practices have been operational for the past few months, Microsoft is giving a status update on how things are going. In short, the company says that it has received mostly positive feedback from consumers with regards to the privacy changes.

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Interestingly enough, nearly three quarters (71 percent) of customers are choosing to transmit Full diagnostics data, which Windows Devices Group Privacy Officer Marisa Rogers says “[helps] us fix things and improve Microsoft products.”

“We’ve also seen a positive reception to the web-based privacy dashboard which allows you to see and control your activity data across multiple Microsoft services,” added Rogers. “Announced back in January, the privacy dashboard has been visited by more than 23 million people on”

Although it appears that Microsoft’s transformation when it comes to privacy within Windows 10 is being embraced by users, there is still additional work that can [and will] be done in the future. Rogers acknowledges this, writing, “We know there is still work to do to meet and anticipate the expectations across our diverse customer base and provide you with the best privacy experience possible.”

Moving forward, you can expect to see Microsoft’s continual efforts to bolster user privacy in future Insider builds of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. This next major update to the Windows 10 operating system will be released to the public — surprise, surprise — this fall.