Microsoft Windows 10 Nag Screen Tweaked With Clear ‘Decline’ Option, Better Late Than Never

Windows 10
It’s unfathomable that it would take Microsoft nearly a year to figure out how to make a Windows 10 upgrade prompt (aka nag screen) that didn’t attempt to con the user or force the operating system onto your computer. But here we are, just a month away from the end of the free promotional offer, and Microsoft finally has a sensible nag screen with clear options to decline the upgrade.

Microsoft stops short of apologizing for the countless machines that have been upgraded without permission or the hassle that it has caused customers, but Windows chief Terry Myerson did tell The Verge, “Since we introduced a new upgrade experience for Windows 10, we've received feedback that some of our valued customers found it confusing.

"We've been working hard to incorporate their feedback and this week, we'll roll out a new upgrade experience with clear options to upgrade now, schedule a time, or decline the free offer."

The end result is the revised nag screen which you see below:

windows 10 nag screen

Microsoft’s previous efforts to entice customers to upgrade has worked out well for the company. Windows 10 is now installed on over 300 million computers worldwide and for the most part, people seem to be content with the operating system. The only irate customers appear to be those that had their hand forced when it comes to the upgrade.

One such person is Teri Goldstein, whose computer was upgraded to Windows 10 without her permission which in turn created all kinds of havoc for her travel agency. She took Microsoft to court and won a $10,000 judgment after the company declined to appeal.

Come July 30th, customers won’t even have to worry about the nag screens — the Windows 10 upgrade will go from free to $119 at that time.