Microsoft Wants To Turn You Into Raymond Babbitt

What if you could recall everything you'd ever said, or had been said to you, or search through a database of every life event, no matter how mundane? Researchers for Microsoft think computers could act as a sort of back-up for your brain:

There are two parts to the project. The first is Bell's experiment with life storage -- capturing his papers, faxes, phone calls, photographs and home movies in digitalized form. The second part focuses on developing software that would support this type of lifetime library on anyone's computer. "The quest is to essentially build a surrogate memory. Something that's as good as my own memory, that I can use it as a supplement, and will remember everything that I should have remembered, that came to my ears, eyes, whatever," Bell said of his experiment. "The interim objective is to make this kind of system available, to gradually put these kind of capabilities in all of our PCs."

You'll never forget your anniversary or what time Wapner's on again. You might want to avoid subpoenas, though; "I don't know" ain't cuttin' it anymore.

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