Microsoft Unveils New Kinect-Supporting Games At E3

Games, games, and a few more games. It's E3! While Nintendo has stolen the show thus far being the first of the Big 3 to introduce a new at-home game console, Microsoft's continuing the push the Xbox 360 to new heights. They're announcing a ton of new games, most of which are laced with Kinect support, in order to drum up interest in a console that's starting to show its age a bit. Of course, the Kinect has given new life to the 360; it has become something else entirely now that you can control it by waving your hands around.

This year, Microsoft showcased a host of new exclusive  titles on Xbox 360, including “Gears of War 3,” “Forza Motorsport 4” and the world premiere trailer for “Halo 4.” In addition, Microsoft debuted the next installment of the famed “Fable” franchise with “Fable: The Journey,” a game imagined from the ground up for Kinect on Xbox 360 by developer Peter Molyneux. Fans were also treated to a preview of the Kinect-powered historical epic, “Ryse,” created by developer Crytek GmbH. Finally, Microsoft revealed that this winter, “Minecraft,” the independent PC game phenomenon, is making its console debut exclusively on Xbox 360.

In addition, Kinect Fun Labs, a new hub showcasing the latest Kinect innovations, was unveiled and is available to all Xbox LIVE members starting today. The goal here is to create wild new moments with Kinect, including player capture, object scanning and finger tracking. Kinect Fun Labs will launch with four Gadgets: Kinect Me, Bobble Head, Build A Buddy and Kinect Googly Eyes. More experiences will begin arriving in July, including Avatar Kinect and Kinect Sparkler.

Spelling it all out is one thing, but seeing it all for yourself is superior. Have a look at the videos!