Microsoft Universal Keyboard Doesn't Discriminate, Works With Windows, Android and iOS

Mobile Bluetooth keyboards are a dime a dozen, but mobile Bluetooth keyboards that come from Microsoft and support Android, iOS, as well as Windows, are far less common. But that's what the company gives us with its "Universal Mobile Keyboard", a very compact option that allows you to prop either a smartphone or a tablet on a stand so that you can make use of the keyboard - perfect for taking care of some quick email duties while on-the-go.

Priced at $79.99, the Universal Mobile Keyboard is designed to be paired with up to three devices. In effect, you could move from a Windows PC to an iOS device to an Android device all without having to pair the device over and over again. Further, the battery-life is said to be outstanding on this keyboard, with up to 6 months of regular use on a single charge. Should your battery run low, Microsoft says that it takes no more than 10 minutes to charge the device enough to have it last you the entire day.

The included cover is multi-purpose; it can either act as a stand, or a protective cover for while on-the-go. It also manages the power state of the device - once lifted up, it'll turn on, and vice versa. In addition to the standard 65 keys you'd expect, this keyboard also includes a variety of media keys, as well as a "Home" button. On the durability front, these keys are designed to last a ridiculous 5,000,000 actuations - I think it's safe to say that will be enough for anyone.

There's no mention of max supported device size with this keyboard, though width-wise, it will handle up to 10mm. Presumably, you'll have no problem supporting 7-inch or perhaps even 8-inch mobiles, as the length of the keyboard itself is 9.5-inches.

Overall, not a bad-looking offering - especially given its support of the three major mobile OSes.