Microsoft To Revamp Lync With New Client And Server Release Of Skype For Business In 2015

Skype has been getting some love from Microsoft in recent weeks. On the consumer side, Microsoft introduced Skype Qik, a short video messaging service that’s bound to give SnapChat headaches. Today, Microsoft has news for business users: Lync is becoming Skype for Business in 2015.

Lync will become Skype For Business in 2015, with messaging, calling, and video chatting.

Microsoft says there will be more to the move than a name change. Lync, which is Microsoft’s messaging tool for corporate customers, will be undergoing a major interface change that will see many of Skype's features brought onboard. Although the launch isn’t until next year, Microsoft already has screenshots of the new Skype for Business, which feature Skype-like icons and the Skype Call Monitor window. Skype for Business will have instant messaging, audio and video calls, and use of the Skype directory for calling other Skype users.

The Lync/Skype merger will take place as an ordinary upgrade for Lync customers in 2015 and Office 365 will also receive updates to support integration with Skype for Business. Microsoft says there will be no need for new hardware: when it launches, you’ll have it.