Microsoft To Host Tournament Celebrating 25 Years Of Solitaire

Whether or not you'd consider yourself a "Solitaire Master", if you enjoy the classic card game at all, you may wish to pay attention to a competition Microsoft is going to be hosting next month. This competition is how the company has chosen to celebrate the fact that solitaire first made an appearance in Windows a staggering 25-years-ago.


Interestingly, Microsoft is going to host two different competitions - one just happens to be internal, for employees only. Once the leader of that championship is established, the company will launch a public version in June. If you want to practice in advance, you can grab the Solitaire Collection from the Windows Store, which includes five different spins of the card game.

Do you have any fond memories of solitaire on Windows? I vividly recall playing it on my grandmother's Windows 3.x PC whenever I went to visit - all because of the fact that there were no "real" games on her PC! Well, not until I installed a shareware version of Halloween Harry, that is.