Microsoft Throws U.K. Gamers A Bone, Drops Xbox One Price To £299.99

It's getting increasingly difficult to avoid the temptation to pick up an Xbox One console these days. Microsoft's moved on from forcing the second generation Kinect motion controller down gamers' collective throats, and on top of that, price cuts and game bundles make strong arguments for taking the leap. And speaking of price cuts, gamers living in the U.K. can now pick up an Xbox One console for £299.99.

That works out to around $440 in U.S. currency, which is a bit expensive compared to the $349 price tag we enjoy in the States. However, the console's been selling in the U.K. for £329.99 (around $485 in U.S. dollars) up to this point, so it's a welcome discount. Plus, it sounds like retailers in the U.K. are also offering game bundles at or possibly near the reduced price.

Xbox One U.K.

"Not upgraded yet? Xbox One now starts from £299.99 in U.K., plus great value retailer offers around. The time is now!," Graeme Boyd, Social Marketing Manger, Xbox EMEA, posted to Twitter.

When asked if this was an official price cut or promotion, Boyd said the only information he has is that the price drop is a "U.K. only retail promotion," so draw your own conclusion from that. We take it to mean that it's a temporary price drop, though who knows, it could end up being permanent if consumers respond well.

If you're in the U.K. and want to take advantage of the offer, head over to the Microsoft Store online and grab yourself an Xbox One!