Microsoft tells students to "steal" Office

In their latest promotion, Microsoft is giving students a chance to "steal" (as they put it) Office Ultimate for $59.95.  The promotion started yesterday in the US, UK and Canada, and expands to Spain, Italy, and France on 9/20.  Office Ultimate includes: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher, OneNote, Groove, and Infopath.

In order to qualify you must:
  • Hold a valid email address at a U.S. educational institution ending in .edu (for example, AND
  • Be actively enrolled with at least 0.5 course load.
Naturally, if they ask for proof, you'd better be able to supply it, or you'll be stuck with the full $679 price.  They're also running a blogging contest at them same time.  Now for the bad news: you still get the Ribbon interface.