Microsoft Surface Mini Coming May 20th?

Microsoft has sent out invites to a Surface event on May 20th with the tagline “a small gathering”, and the widely-held assumption is that Redmond will use the occasion to unveil the rumored Surface Mini tablet.

The little tablet has not been a terribly closely-kept secret, particularly after the Amazon listing for a Surface Mini case that appeared late last month. (The link is even still active.)

Surface Mini case Amazon
Mysterious Amazon listing for a Surface Mini case

Not much is known about the Surface Mini’s details, but again the general assumption is that it will be a 7-8 inch device with a stylus that will most likely be ARM-based. Windows RT is the presumed OS.

A miniature version of the Surface tablet would give Microsoft another means of competing in the hot tablet market, particularly against smaller devices such as the Nexus 7 and iPad mini.

Microsoft has had some tough sledding as it pertains to selling its tablets, just as it’s faced an uphill struggle on the smartphone front. We’ve found Surface tablets to be solid pieces of hardware, so if the Surface Mini has the same quality and can also compete on price (hint: sub-$200), Microsoft just may have something here.