Microsoft Smartwatch Could Be Coming This Summer And Play Nice With Android, iOS, And Windows Phone

At this point, it seems like we need another heart rate-monitoring smartwatch like we need a hole in head (seriously, when did knowing one’s heart rate become such a big deal?), but everyone is jumping in the smartwatch game, Microsoft included. We’ve known about a Microsoft smartwatch for a while, but according to a Forbes report, Redmond’s smartwatch could finally be coming as early as this summer.

Microsoft smartwatch

It doesn’t appear that the smartwatch will do a wide variety of different things, unlike for example the rumored standalone Samsung smartwatch, but one crucial feature it will have is compatibility across Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices.

The software for the device has been built by the Xbox Kinect team. The watch will have a color touchscreen “about the size of half a stick of gum” that will be positioned inside the wearer’s wrist instead of perched on top. The device’s battery should last up to two days, even with continuous heart rate monitoring enabled.