Microsoft Sinks Legal Claws Into Kyocera Over Smartphone Patents

Microsoft is asking a federal judge in Seattle to issue an injunction against several of Kyocera's smartphones, claiming they infringe on seven of the company's patents. According to the lawsuit, the cellphone models belong to Kyocera's Duraforce, Hydro, and Brigadier lines, all of which are Android-based devices.

Though patent lawsuits can often be downright nasty, as we've seen several times over in various lawsuits filed between Samsung and Apple, it appears Microsoft is making an effort to keep things civil in its dispute with Kyocera.

Kyocera Hydro

"We respect Kyocera but we believe they need to license the patented technology they are using. We're hopeful this case can be resolved amicably," Microsoft deputy general counsel David Howard said in a statement, according to Reuters.

The patent technologies in question have to do with location services and text messaging. Microsoft has previously claimed that Android infringes on some of its patents. Microsoft also has a licensing program available to smartphone makes who use Android, and several vendors have signed up, including Samsung, Hon Hai, HTC, LG, and ZTE.