Microsoft Shines Silverlight On Nokia

Microsoft has developed a rich media platform to compete with Adobe's Flash, called Silverlight. Nokia has decided to sign on to use Silverlight on some of its smartphones and Internet tablets.  Microsoft  no doubt sees that browsing the Internet and virtual devices will eventually eat into their desktop supremacy, and would like to get a foothold in that on-the-go mediafest now.

 John Case, a general manager with Microsoft, said Nokia represents the first of several similar announcements for Silverlight on mobile devices. He also said the next generation of Windows Mobile will support Silverlight, though he declined to give a time frame for the release of Windows Mobile 7. In the year since Silverlight’s launch, more than 8,000 applications have been developed for it, according to Case.

Flash has an enormous head start, of course. Perhaps you've heard of this little thing called YouTube. I hear it might catch on. That .flv you see at the end of the filenames doesn't stand for fairly low viewership. Oldtimers like me just weep for a possible future without HTML. What will we do with ourselves if we're not looking for busted tags to close?