Microsoft Sends 2,100 Pink Slips In Massive14 Percent Job Cut

In a second round of layoffs, Microsoft has let go of 2,100 employees on Thursday. According to a company spokesman, 747 of those employees were located in the Seattle area and the remaining cuts will occur at other locations worldwide.

The layoffs are part of Microsoft’s plan to eliminate a total of 18,000 jobs as Microsoft chief executive officer Satya Nadella is looking to realign the company’s workforce. Back in July, the software company announced that 12,500 employees would be let go from its Nokia handset and service business which it had acquired. The acquisition brought with it a workforce that numbered around 25,000 people.

Microsoft’s plan has been to let go of employees in waves and is offering severance pay and job transition assistance to those who have been laid off. The company, as of mid-July 2014, had a workforce that numbered over 125,000 employees. 

Unfortunately, additional layoffs are still to come.