Microsoft Debuts PC Capture Card Support Xbox Live Twitch Streaming

Microsoft, in collaboration with Twitch, just announced capture card support for Twitch Xbox One broadcasters on Xbox Live. Hereafter, any Twitch user who has linked their Xbox Live and Twitch accounts together and is broadcasting an Xbox One game using a capture card will be able to benefit from Xbox Live features. 

Previously, only Xbox One players broadcasting their gameplay via the Xbox Twitch app could take advantage of all that Xbox Live has to offer. If gamers used the Twitch app they benefited from Xbox Live integration, but made do with lower-quality graphics. Streamers who chose to use a capture card, on the other hand, could not utilize Xbox Live features. Capture cards are for capturing external devices via video signals usually though HDMI, and can be used for Xbox and Playstation devices and between two PC’s.

xbox live summer update 1

Microsoft initially recommended that streamers first launch the Twitch app and then use the console’s “snap” functionality to run the app in the background during game play. Now gamers do not have to choose. This worked, but was not particularly efficient or convenient.

What do you get if you link your accounts together? Gamers will have their content amplified on the Activity Feed on Xbox One and the Xbox app on Windows 10, iOS, and Android. There will also be notifications for gamers’ followers on the Xbox One and the Xbox app. Furthermore, gamers will have their content boosted in the “Game Product Details” page in the Xbox Store.

xbox live summer update 2

If you are a streamer, all you need to do is link your Xbox Live and Twitch accounts within the Twitch app. You can then use whatever capture card and broadcasting software your heart desires. Capture card users must then identify what game they are playing.