Microsoft Rolling Out Windows 10 Update For Xbox One Preview Users In The Coming Weeks

There’s a big update beaming down for Xbox One users in November, and Microsoft is talking up what exactly will be included in the software package and when preview users will get a chance to get a taste of the revamped UI. First things first; although Microsoft hasn’t given an exact date in November for the software’s release, members of the Xbox One Preview Program will be able to obtain working builds of the update “over the next couple of weeks.”

“New builds will regularly roll out over a period of several weeks to those who opt in,” said Mike Ybarra, Director of Program Management for Xbox. “Our engineering team will work to improve the features and fix any bugs they identify throughout the preview testing.”

The New Xbox One Experience is powered by Windows 10, and besides the UI improvements that come along with it, Microsoft is promising performance enhancements that will be much appreciated by all Xbox One gamers. Microsoft says that some gaming features will see up to a 50 percent boost in performance, which is music to our ears.

xbox one november

Gamers will be greeted with a redesigned Home that is both faster and easier to navigate. The new Home will also make it a trivial affair for you to share your achievement with the rest of the Xbox Live community. Speaking of community, Microsoft is introducing a new “Community” section that allows you to keep tabs on trending topics, catch up with friends, or monitor the games your follow with a revamped Action Feed.

Other new additions include a redesigned OneGuide which will allow you to “see a list of current trending live TV shows with the most viewers at that moment on Xbox.” Microsoft is also making it easier to find relevant content within the Store, which is divided into Games, Movies & TV, Apps, and Music sections.

And of course, you’ll find Xbox 360 backwards compatibility with the November update. There will be over 100 games supported at launch, and hundred more will launch as we progress into 2016.

If you’re a Preview member, this is all definitely exciting news. However, be forewarned that Microsoft will first be rolling out the update to gamers “who have historically submitted the most feedback.” All other Preview members will begin see the update later in waves. You see, folks! Submitting plentiful and useful feedback definitely pays off for everyone involved!