Microsoft Reveals Own Notebook Cooling Base

Obviously, most of the focus in Redmond these days is on Windows 7 Beta. So it's pretty shocking to see a new wave of hardware roll out of Microsoft's labs this week, particularly hardware like a notebook cooling pad and colorful mice. With notebook sales outpacing desktops by a solid three-to-one margin (according to Microsoft, anyway), the company's dedicated Hardware Group is pushing into a new category of notebook accessories with the introduction of the Notebook Cooling Base.

Said Base is constructed with an integrated fan, contoured sides and measures 1.16 inches thick. There's also a cable management clip to allow cords to be neatly stored when not in use, and the unit is completely USB-powered in order to save that stash of AA batteries. It should be available in July in black and white for $29.95.

Furthermore, Microsoft is also introducing today four new Microsoft Arc Mouse Special Edition colors, which are frost white, eggplant purple, deep olive green and marine blue. Aside from the new hues, everything else about the mice remain the same as the prior, less vivid versions. For those needing a mousing device that's more compact, the company is making its blue sapphire, red garnet, pink topaz, green emerald and purple amethyst Wireless Mobile Mouse 3000 widely available after a stint of "limited availability." The Arc Mouse colors will be ready this month for $49.95 each, while the Mobile Mouse 3000 will cost $29.95.