Microsoft Reveals Explorer Touch Mouse

Microsoft's cooking up a new mouse? It sure looks like it! Without any fanfare to speak of, the Microsoft Explorer Touch Mouse has popped up across the pond at a Christmas in July event. First snapped by Pocket-lint, this new touch/haptic-sensitive mouse was seen first at a showcase, and even still hasn't officially been announced. The real highlight feature is the BlueTrack technology, which allows you to mouse on pretty much any surface outside of clear glass, and a scroll pad that has optional haptic feedback. There's also a total of five customizable buttons that can be adjusted for use with righties and lefties, and it obviously looks a good bit like the Arc Mouse that was announced recently by the company.

It's scheduled to be released in the UK later in the month for £69.99, and hopefully it'll spread to other regions in due time.

Tags:  Microsoft, Mouse